How to change the BB30 bearings

Posted On: mar 6, 2018

Categories: Mechanics

After these days of so much rain and mud it is very important that we check the condition of the bearings of the bottom bracket. The bearings of the bottom bracket are those that support all our strength when pedaling, so it is convenient that they are in perfect condition to make the most of our energy. It is convenient, therefore, to change them periodically, which is a simple task that anyone can do with the precise tools.

In this case we show you with a video how to do it with BB30 bearings, but it would be exactly the same if they were PressFit30. In the PressFit 30 (PF30) the cups can be left untouched and only the bearings can be removed and replaced. The procediment will be the same.

At we have two tool kits for changing BB30 or Press Fit 30 bearings:

- The professional Leonardi kit for bearings BB30 and PF30, which is like the video, and which allows you to disassemble and assemble with the same tool.

- The cheap kit, which on the one hand is the BB30 bearing extractor, and on the other hand the press for mounting bearings BB30. This kit is even easier to use than the video.

Finally, we recommend that you use a resistant grease to assemble everything, and remember to buy the cranks extractor if you need.


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