Payment Methods


In have several payment options to facilitate your purchase in our online store:


Payment by credit card or debit card: you will be redirected to Redsys payment gateway to make the payment. Redsys is the leading company in the spanish market of card payments, and is used by the main banks here in Spain. We never have access to your card data, we only receive the confirmation from Redsys.

Payment with a Paypal account (only for Spain): Our payment gateway with PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments, lets you pay with almost any type of card. Is not needed to open a Paypal account if you want to pay by card.

Once this payment method is selected, you will be redirected to the Paypal website where you make payment securely. If you do not have an account and just want to pay by card, you only need to indicate that we do not have Paypal account and don't want to open it, after which PayPal will ask you for the card. do not have and will never have access to card details at any time. Once the payment is confirmed by PayPal, you will return to our shop where you will confirm the order.


Bizum payment in Advance: Selecting Bizum as payment, the order will be waiting for you to make us a Bizum from your bank to ours. To do this, we will provide the data for transfer via email, and you will have a period of 5 days to make the transfer. If we don't receive the transfer in this period, the order will be canceled. Once we receive confirmation from our bank we will proceed to process the order.

Remember to indicate the order reference in the Bizum concept and your name to avoid delays in processing the order.


Paid upon receipt: Only available in Spanish peninsular territory, and limited to certain amounts. The order will be processed immediately and will be paid upon receipt. You must prepare the right amount of cash to pay it to the dealer.


As an additional security measure, any order whose amount exceeds an amount determined by, will require that you send us a proof of your identification and address via the contact form on your account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do it to avoid, as far as we can, possible bank fraud in online shopping or problems in the shipping process. To send this documentation make sure that your browser's address begins with https: // ... where the 's' indicates that the communication be held securely between your browser and our server. Once we validate the information, the documents will be removed immediately as established by the Law.

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