General FAQs


What is the difference between an OEM or RETAIL article?

The Retail versions always come in the original manufacturer box with all accessories this includes while the OEM or BULK version does not come in the box manufacturer and does not usually bring accessories and normally sold bicycles assemblies intended for this reason are often cheaper.


FAQ for custom configurations


How I can request a quote for installation of a bike configured to measure?

You can do this by sending an email with the components you want, or from the contact form on our website.

Do not know much about bikes can you help me choose my own custom settings?

Of course, it should just send us an email telling us about the use we want to give the kind of place where you will use (flat, hilly, ...), type of bike, colors and what has estimated spending and our staff will pass a budget with the components you. need.

Does it cost assembling my bike?

Yes, the price of the assembly and testing of your bike is 75 € (VAT included).

Can I change any component of my custom settings if I have already accepted the budget?

Yes, as long as your bike still not released to mount.

Can I return the bike that you have set me as?

It should not, be aware that not all users have the same needs and that configuration has been specifically assembled for you.

What guarantee does the bike have mounted me?

They are 2 years warranty on both items separately and workmanship as long as the bike has not been manipulated by anyone outside our professionals.


FAQ for online orders


The price of the web, will it include VAT?

Yes, all our items are VAT included. . If you do a simulation of an order at the end of this VAT is broken down but the price of the item is the same as you. It was initially seen.

I've placed my order, can I change it?

It may only be modified if the order has not yet been invoiced.

How I can make a change in my order?

You can tell our Department. Commercial by telephone or e-mail.

Can modify all orders regardless of form of payment?

Yes, except on orders paid through Paypal where changes can only be for items of the same amount or less.

Can I cancel my order?

You can always cancel if the order has not already been billed for shipping.

How I can cancel my order?

You can tell our Department. Commercial by telephone or e-mail.

How do I confirm the cancellation of my order?

By phone or email.

I canceled my order and was paid when I receive my money?

It depends on the payment method you. Used, some take longer than others although we spent the remand order at the same moment in which we are aware. Paypal: is automatic, looks almost the moment. Credit Card will receive it in about 5 working days approx. Bank Transfer: usually takes between 2-3 days depending on the bank.

Can I place an order by phone and pay by card or Paypal?

No, because the law of data protection these types of payment will only be made through the web in a completely secure.


FAQs Order Tracking


When will my order be delivered?

If the items requested are in stock, the order will leave our facility in approximately 24 working hours.

If the items requested are not in stock, will depend on the delivery time to give us the manufacturer or supplier.

If it is urgent, please call us before ordering for us to check stock availability with our suppliers and to offer a more reliable date.

I will be notified when you send the order?

Always, once your package agency, takes you. Receives an e-mail in which its output is confirmed and will provide the necessary information so you can make online tracking.

How soon will I receive my order?

See our Shipping Costs section, but time depends on the type of shipping selected.

My order has been shipped, but still have not received it. What I can do?

Check the status of your shipment with tracking data that we send by e-mail. If you have not fulfilled the delivery, we recommend you wait until then or contact the transport agency for further information. If the agency has tried to make the delivery and you. I was not at home, you should contact them to confirm the information and make an appointment for delivery.

If after 2 or 3 days of the estimated delivery date has not yet received your order, please call us and we'll manage the transport undertaking any incidents that may have occurred with your package.

I lost my bill. How I can get a copy?

To request a copy of any of your bills should send an e-mail indicating the name and surname contained in the invoice or DNI, approximate date of purchase and / Articles / s contained in this bill.

Can not send the invoice in the package?

Yes, if you want to send a gift directly for example, we can send without attaching the bill. To do this you must indicate in the comment field.

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